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Inktober 2016, October 1: Witch

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Part of my inktober2016 series. See the initial Inktober 2016 post for details.

Disclaimer: Below is a description a fictional character intended to be an evil villain in a fantasy/science fiction tabletop role playing game. I do not promote the occult, magic, or violence. This is a work of fiction.

Inktasy Challenge day 1 is “Witch.” I rolled fire and tattoo. I based the character on the Witchery OCC (from Rifts® Conversion Book One, 55) and the Witch OCC (Rifts® Dark Conversions, 170). These are the same thing, with the Dark Conversions book being the most recent (it's technically Conversion Book Three).


A redheaded witch, with tattoos on her wrists, manipulates fire between her hands. Her demon familiar, in the form of a ferret, is visible at her feet.

A drawing of a witch, based on a Rifts® OCC


Firstly, hands and feet (even in boots) are hard! And I don't do well with them ;) I also don't do well with faces. However, I really like how her hair looks.

Both sleeves have issues, although her right sleeve seems to be the worst.

I love how the magic fire looks arcing between her hands. The bit of red ink gives it a subtle but noticeable tone. It also lends color to several other bits.

Final word

I like how this one turned out, despite botching a few bits and showing off my weaknesses. But I like what I was able to do with the special effects.