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Inktober 2016, October 2: Warrior

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Part of my inktober2016 series. See the initial Inktober 2016 post for details.

Disclaimer: Below is a description a fictional character intended to be an evil villain in a fantasy/science fiction tabletop role playing game. I do not promote the occult, magic, or violence. This is a work of fiction.

Inktasy Challenge day 2 is “Warrior.” I rolled water and scar. This one was hard to figure out. I started with an Inca Warrior, but I didn't like that. I then searched through a half dozen Rifts® books for something. Finally, I remembered Coalition War Campaign had several DBs in it. I found the Vanguard Brawler (Coalition War Campaign, 206) and put him in front of a waterfall.


A Vanguard Brawler standing in the mist from a waterfall. He holds an intimidating pose. The scar on his side is visible.

A drawing of an alien warrior, based on a Rifts® OCC


The hands are ok, but I cheated on the feet! They're covered in mist.

The body has anatomical issues. I certainly wasn't good at matching sides. The head is missing something. I know it doesn't look quite like other Vanguard Brawlers I've seen.

There is a lack of detail on everything. But that might be because I felt rushed.

Final word

Not horrible, but I hope I get better. At least a little.