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Inktober 2016 Schedule (planned)

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Part of my inktober2016 series. See the initial Inktober 2016 post for details.

I had intended to have this up by the end of September. Missed that a bit, but here it is now!

This schedule is based on the combiniation of the Inktasy Challenge and the prompts for Inktober. Each list provides one "topic" per day of October. In addition, the Inktasy challenge provides for rolling two six-siced dice, one to determine the elemental influence of the character and one for an optional feature to work in.

While all the components are listed below, I'm taking the Inktasy character class to be the most important part, the element the second, then the feature, and finally the Inktober prompt. So, for instance, Inktasy lists "Witch" as the class and Inktober "Fast" as the prompt. I rolled fire as the element and tattoo as the feature. My current concept for this is a witch manipulating fire with tattoos on her wrists. I'm not sure how to fit fast in there.

On to the list. Each entry lists Inktasy class first, plus the Inktober prompt, followed by the two rolls. So, the first entry, as described above, is "Witch + fast, fire + tattoo". Then I'll provide a brief description as I come up with them. As I complete the pictures, the posts for each will be linked to from here.

The numbers correspond with the planned date (day in October) of drawing. I will probably do all of them, but it may be that not all of them happen in October.

  1. Witch + fast, fire + tattoo. A redheaded witch, with tattoos on her wrists, manipulating fire.
  2. Warrior + noisy, water + scar. Vanguard Brawler in an epic (?) pose in front of a waterfall. He has a wicked scar on his side.
  3. Bard + Collect, Light + Wings. A traveling story teller from Rifts® Russia telling a story so vividly it seems to form out of the campfire smoke.
  4. Summoner + Hungry, Dark + Wings. Three words: “Summon Fried Chicken.”
  5. Dark Knight + Sad, Dark + Tattoo. Supreme Nexus Knight (England p. 91)
  6. Necromancer + Hidden, Fire + Horns.
  7. Druid + Lost, Earth + Tattoo. Millennium Druid from England.
  8. Assassin + Rock, Dark + Tattoo. Sunaj assassin.
  9. Hunter + Broken, Earth + Scar. Psi-stalker or Demon Queller
  10. Cleric + Jump, Earth + Unusual Curse. Rifts® Priest or one of the Wormwood priests.
  11. Alchemist + Transport, Dark + wings.
  12. Priest + Worried, Dark + Tattoo.
  13. Gypsy + Scared, Air + Wings.
  14. Oracle + Tree, Earth + Horns.
  15. Sage + Relax, Dark + Fangs. Rogue Scholar?
  16. Dwarf + Wet, Air + Scar. Asgardian Dwarf from Patheons of the Megaverse®.
  17. Scout + Battle, Water + Unusual Curse.
  18. Valkyrie + Escape, Earth + Tattoo.
  19. Elf + Flight, Dark + Scar.
  20. Barbarian + Squeeze, Light + wings. Rahu-man caught in the coils of a winged serpent.
  21. Dragoon + Big, Earth + Scar. Maybe change to a dragon?
  22. Beast Lord + Little, Dark + Unusual Curse.
  23. Rune Caster + Slow, Dark + Scar.
  24. Aristrocrat + One Dozen, Dark + Fangs. An aristocratic vampire with 11 of his minions, taking a bite out of a victim. Lit by candle light?
  25. Outlaw + Tired, Fire + Unusual Curse.
  26. Fairy + Box, Water + Fangs
  27. Spirit + Creepy, Light + Fangs
  28. Archer + Burn, Water + Horns
  29. Monk + Suprise, Air + Fangs
  30. The Hero + Wreck, Light + Tattoo
  31. The Enemy + Friend, Light + Horns